3 Key Features of the Ab Circle Mini and Flex Belt Training Programs

Workout and body fitness goals are easily achieved with the Slendertone Flex Belt, an innovative, program-driven abdominal toning belt which not only has a comprehensive toning effect on your core muscles but also monitors your progress via a wireless mobile app. Highly stylish and discreet, the belt can even be worn around the home, at work, or throughout daily activities for improved results. The Flex Belt works with your own body to ensure a customized fit and maximum effectiveness. Also available in different sizes, from large through small, the Slendertone has been designed specifically with women in mind. With a snug fit you can wear it any time and it will provide lasting results without being bulky, unlike other belts that run down one leg.

"I have tried every abdominal workout machine on the market but I haven't found a product that works as well as the Flex Belt. It works quickly and has a great comfortable fit. I no longer get those constant pull ups that I used to get when I was working out alone. I like that I can wear this while I am running errands or shopping, which helps me to burn more calories." – Karen, fitness instructor

"The slendertone flex belt is very effective. I feel physically empowered while using it. I am able to tone my abs in six weeks with little discomfort. Best of all, I don't have to take it off during my workout."

"The slendertone abs belt is extremely comfortable. The Fit Wire System gives you a tight, low profile fit and a tension free waist band. The Fit Wire System and the Ab Circle Mini work together to create a workout that targets your midsection, butt, and waist, while being safe and effective. I highly recommend both systems to anyone serious about their fitness." – J.B.

"I have really enjoyed the simplicity of the Fit Wire System. It is so easy to use. The Fit Wire wraps around your waist and butt, and then there is a belt clip to tighten the fit as you workout.

"When I started using the Flex Belt to tone up and strengthen my abs, I was skeptical. I have tried many abdominal exercise devices and ab belts work well, but after using them for only a few weeks, I noticed a big difference in how my midsection looked and felt. Abdominal muscles didn't feel as tight, and I didn't need to worry about dropping any pounds off my waist. In addition, when I went to the gym, I didn't need to worry about dropping any sweat as I didn't need to exert so much effort trying to tone up my lower abs. In short, it's an incredible tool for toning and firming up the abs."

"I like the Flex Belt. It has helped me to tone my stomach and thighs. Plus, it has helped me lose weight. The ability to set the intensity levels allows me to increase or decrease the amount of work out I do. I especially love the ability to vary the speed of the Flex Belt" – Brian Smith, founder of The Truth About Abs.

For people looking for a complete workout that combines science and technology, the Ab Circle Pro is perfect. The Ab Circle Mini is a simple, but effective training program that you can wear just about anywhere. The Ab Circle Pro is the first comprehensive abs training program that uses the revolutionary Flex-Band technology to deliver custom-made resistance levels, giving you customized workout intensity settings. The Proform Flex-Band gives you the power to design your own resistance level for your workout. With all these amazing key features and the promise to help you lose inches around your waist in no time, it is hard to believe that this product could be any less than revolutionary.