A Shower Chair Could Be The Answer About Falling In The Bath

According to the World Health Organization, about 424,000 deaths are resulting from falls yearly all over the world! And an astounding 37 million accidents related to a fall result in injuries requiring medical care. But perhaps the most alarming statistic is the one that says 70% of these accidents occur in the bathroom.

Perhaps the reason for the huge number of bathroom accidents is the fact that we have made our bathroom floors very smooth over the years and yet, we continue to shower standing up without any kind of support. Read this article to buy shower chair through online sources.

And perhaps the reason why we do so is that we didn't realize the danger we are putting ourselves in every time we enter the shower without support. Well, now we know the facts, so we can take the necessary measures to ensure our safety in the shower.

This contraption may be very simple, but it can indeed save you from a lot of grief. Following are three types of shower chairs, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

A portable shower chair is freestanding and can be carried in and out of the shower for convenience. Almost everyone may have experienced feeling unsteady on their feet when in the shower, and this type of shower chair can be very handy for just such occasions.

The good thing is that its portability makes it easy to bring with you even when you travel or have to take a shower somewhere other than your own bathroom.

A built-in folding shower chair is a semi-permanent contraption. It is bolted to the bathroom wall but is easy to remove whenever necessary. This is ideal for a family with an elderly member who's already experiencing some problems with balance and control.