Air Compressor Size Buying Guide

Buying an air compressor is a great idea because it is available for home use. This tool can be used on-air rifles, pressure washers, spray guns, air screwdrivers, and many other tools you may have on hand. 

The first thing to consider before buying an air compressor is what kind of work you can do with it and what types of air tools it will also use. You can also purchase air compressors via

Air Compressor

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You'll want a compressor that will provide sufficient air performance because a compressor that doesn't meet the standards of the air tool you use with the air compressor will not function properly in the end.

There are three main types/sizes of air compressors based on the power and power you need.

Compact Air Compressor: This is the smallest and most portable air compressor on the market. Compact compressors differ in that they do not have a storage tank.

Single-stage compressor: This air compressor compresses air for storage in a single-piston tank. Single-stage systems are typically used on smaller compressors rated under 150 pounds per square inch (psi).

Two-stage compressor: This air compressor compresses the storage air with two pistons. The first piston has the job of compressing the air and directing it through the check valve to the second piston. The second piston then further compresses the air and stores it in the tank. 

Another thing to consider when purchasing an air compressor is the resource and maintenance requirements of the instrument.