All About Best Self Tanner

Some say that nothing can make you look good and feel great like a nice, well-rounded tan. Millions of people are on the constant chase for that deep, dark bronze look year after year, turning tanning alone into a billion-dollar industry.

For those who can't tan traditionally or in a tanning bed (or want to avoid any potential skin damage), "self-tan" products have become the new hype, allowing people to get beautifully tan skin without any exposure to UV rays.

It's a great way to get tan skin without consuming all of your time; however, if you want to get the best tan with these products, finding the best self-tanner is critical. Lucky for you, you're about to discover how to find the best self tanning products for you and your skin, as well as 3 reasons why you should use self-tanning lotions, to begin with!

How to Find the Best Self Tanner

In order to get the highest quality tan self-tan, you need to know the traits that make up the best self-tanner. With that said, here are a couple of key elements you need to be on the lookout for:

1) A lot of self-tanning lotions can leave streaks, which can make your skin look like a giant mess. Finding a lotion or cream that is guaranteed to be streak-free is one of the most crucial ingredients in the best self-tanner.

2) Never use a lotion or cream that has no color or has a white base. Only use those that have a color guide, which will help you see where you applied the lotion. This way, you can avoid putting too much in one area, resulting in a nice, clean-looking tan all around.

3) Consider the price. The best self-tanner that you can buy will have a good mix of both quality ingredients and a solid price. One thing to remember – sometimes the more expensive it is doesn't always mean that it's the best.