All you Need to Know About Cyber Security in Colorado

They can't seem to watch the news without hearing about another major security flaw or the company's hacking scandal. Small business owners should have specialized knowledge of cybersecurity because most of their business is network-based.

Here are some things you need to know about keeping your business safe online and what to do in the event of a security breach.

Train your Employees: In addition to making sure everyone in your organization is familiar with your security systems, educating employees about basic cyber security can help. Many online resources raise awareness about phishing scams, security certifications, and other cybersecurity basics. At a cyber security service company, we reduce risk through consulting, services, and security product expertise

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Create a Secure Password: Create complex passwords that are not socially engineerable or easy to guess (and have employees create them) for any resource that requires a password on your system. There are many tutorials on the internet on how to create a secure password.

Check Cyber Insurance: Cybersecurity breaches are usually not covered by liability insurance, but if you want to protect sensitive information, talk to an insurance agent about your options.

Back up your Data Weekly: Either to a secure location in the cloud or to an external hard drive. This way, if the server goes down, you still have access to your data. The SkySuite Boardroom Executive Suites cloud computing service is the ideal tool in this space.

Fixed Affected Systems: You can use the primary hard drive to reinstall programs on your device. Then, with the help of your advisor, find out where the gaps in your security system are. To prevent another attack, use this as a learning experience to strengthen your defenses.