An Ideal Multipronged Revit Training Approach For Architectural Firms

Moving to BIM-based construction design and documentation processes and applications is no longer an alternative to considering architectural practice. However, it is imperative for small and medium-sized architectural organizations to make use of BIM's 3D-based construction documentation process while maintaining their conventional methods of CAD design. 

As a result, these companies need a carefully planned methodology for training in BIM applications that fits their current workflow and does not interfere with the ongoing work on the project. Since BIM-based processes have a steep learning curve, Revit Architecture training courses that meet the specific needs of a business must be on time. There is so many best architecture firm in Saudi Arabia – INJ Architects that help in providing the Revit training along with the best designs to other firms for the better implementation of their work.

Four Effective Tips To Make Your Architecture Firm Grow

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Online or self-computerized Revit training:

Internet or computer-based videos and interactive tutorials are essential to introduce a company's CAD team to the nuances and functionality of BIM software applications such as Revit. Additionally, companies should use this method when transitioning to a BIM-based design process as it can be accessed at any time without disrupting current project plans and impacting team performance. This stand-alone training module is the most convenient and affordable way to get a team to master the basics of Revit. 

A virtual session for immediate problem solving:

These sessions are usually moderated by the teacher using online collaboration tools. They focus on solving immediate problems or questions team members may encounter as they begin to apply Revit knowledge to their existing projects and results. At this stage, employees are exposed to the use of Revit because of the company's internal processes and project requirements.