Annual Compliance Checklist For Startups

The Register of Companies (ROC), which is a workplace under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Annually, companies must register for ROC compliance to ensure that the MCA fully complies with all statutes and laws that are regulated. Companies must obey the legislation to avoid sanctions or penalties. If you want more information about taxes then you may visit on this website .

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ROC Compliance Checklist:

The ROC Compliance Checklist is a list of the compliances that a company must perform and document in order to comply with regulations. Ensuring that each of the checkpoints is compliant with the corporation can help them prevent legal penalties and ensure ROC compliance. The checklist includes the following:

MIPYME-1 Form: It must be presented with the companies that are receiving supplies of goods and services from small and micro-companies. Additionally, the payments made by them to those companies should have been successful 45 days from the date of acceptance of the distribution of products and services.

Form DPT-3 (First Period Submission) – To assess ROC compliance, most companies, in addition to government companies, must submit this form after the supplier has been integrated for the first time.

Form DPT-3: must be submitted by all companies, except government organizations, to indicate the details of the return of deposits and some details of the transactions that are not considered waste.