Basic Features Of Fan Coil Thermostat

The fan coil unit can work efficiently without an air duct. In general, fan coil units are used in small spaces. This device can work both with and without pipes. The main task of the fan coil unit is to regulate the temperature of the room in which it is installed.


It can maintain a hot and cold atmosphere according to customer requirements or according to thermostat readings. When customers don't need an air handling unit or air conditioner, they often end up with the best retrofit fan coil unit. Therefore, there is a great demand for this unit in the Middle East.

Torsten is a leading manufacturer of fan coil units. He has long been involved in the production and sales of fan coil units and has managed to earn a unique reputation in the market. Customers blindly trust Trosten products because it is an ISO-certified company.

Torsten understands the value of the investment customers makes in centralized air conditioning. Therefore, in order to minimize the additional investment in ducts and other systems, he began to develop high-quality fan coil units. In general, the fan and the fan coil unit coil do the main job.

The combination of these two parts ensures high-quality air in the room. The fan coil unit doesn't actually use outside air. It captures air from within and conditions it through heating or cooling coils as needed, and then circulates the air back into the room with the help of a fan.