Basic Steps to Success Your Wardrobe in NYC

Although getting dressed each day doesn’t exactly look how it used to—and it’ll still be a little bit before we return to that place—we will get back there and get to be excited again about putting on an outfit and showing it off to the world. It’s important that we stay excited about fashion, especially if it’s something that we normally love to express ourselves through. You can consider the best wardrobe consultant in NYC if you want to style your wardrobe with new fashion trends and styles. So here are some steps to success in your wardrobe.

Step 1: Guess your body type

Neither of us is perfect so you know your size and shape. Pay attention to the length of your arms, legs, and chest, as well as the shape and width of your shoulders, hips, waist, and thighs. Assess your overall body shape. One trick we like is standing in front of a mirror while someone uses soap to trace your shape in the mirror. 

Step 2: Be realistic

It works for all body types. Wear clothes that fit. If you press less, you won't get smaller. This makes you look like you've gained weight and haven't bought the right size clothes. On the other hand, wearing loose-fitting, bulkier clothing to hide something won't work either. You're just struggling to look sloppy and taller. 

Step 3: Guess your color

Black isn't everyone's best friend. Colors sold in stores during certain seasons may not be yours. Whichever method you use to determine the right color for you, this should be done. When in doubt, contact an image consultant or dressing room for professional assistance. Worth the time and money. 

Step 4: Build base

You've mastered the biggest challenge: knowing your body, knowing your skin tone, and not being a slave to fashion. So now you really need to build a wardrobe. Your lifestyle determines where the focus is on the main elements of your wardrobe. However, here are some suggestions on what you should have.