Can You Detect Asbestos with Your Bare Eyes?

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A quick answer to the question is no. You can only see asbestos with a microscope because the fibres are very small. To find whether asbestos is present in your atmosphere or not, you should consider professional testing services. However, the following tips can help in a quick inspection.

Verify the Pattern of the Surface

Feel and check the material surface. While some materials come with a softer texture, spotting to find asbestos is not guaranteed. But dimples of the pattern or the surface can be a sign of asbestos presence.

Inspect the Interior Panels

If your floor tiles feel oily, this can be a sign of asbestos. Instead of the floor, the fibres can be present on the ceilings and walls. Since oily bonds with asphalt, be careful when checking decorative walls and vinyl tiles.

Investigate Exterior Joints

A building outer connects to an aluminium corridor through asbestos sheets. Small nails with no endpoints were used to hold these sheets. On the inside, wooden or plastic runners were used to hold the sheets. The design can be an indication that the structure was made with asbestos. Besides, the adhesives used to bond the 2 materials were also known to contain asbestos.

Inspect Construction Materials Outside

Roof tiles and roofs are the common places that contain asbestos. If they break, the fibres are released into the air. In addition, insulation uses asbestos placed in the cement of the building outer for the purpose.

So, if you see any such sign or even doubt the presence, you should call professionals for asbestos removal in Newcastle, NSW immediately.