Ceiling Lifts – The Smart Solution

In today's healthcare industry, overhead lifts have proven to be the smartest solution for lifting, moving, and transporting patients with disabilities. Many companies engaged in this field produce overhead lifts with different specifications to meet customer needs. 

The decision to raise the limit was made in British Columbia in 2002. It was developed by OHSAH (Occupational Health and Safety Agency) for safer patient handling while driving. If you want to buy Luna Ceiling Hoist, you can simply visit the site.

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Portable overhead lifts have a patient seat belt, a motorized pulley system, or a motorized device. The device is integrated with a replaceable battery-powered hoist. Ceiling lifts have a sling or belt to support the patient when lying down or while walking without weights. 

Freestanding track systems are an alternative to ceiling-mounted track systems. Easy to hold and carry, overhead lifts are available in a variety of capacities. In addition, it is equipped with turning facilities.

Make use of the advantages of ceiling lift technology, which include:

  • A person with impairments can be transported from one room to another with ease and without putting the caregiver at risk.
  • Because furniture is rarely in the way, it is not necessary to remove it to allow the ceiling lift to move.
  • Because it is positioned on the ceiling, it maximizes the amount of space available.
  • Users with sufficient upper body strength can operate it independently.
  • Mobile ceiling lifts are simple to operate and install.