Choosing a Contract Catering Company for Your Business In Vancouver

For most companies, gastronomy is not the focus of their own business and it is not easy for them to choose from the many business catering options. So what exactly should a company pay attention to in contract catering services?

Catering Experience

Take a good look at the experiences of future catering entrepreneurs. How long have you been in this business, who are your customers in the hospitality industry, what sector do you specialize in? What is their reputation in the industry? Take a look at their current clients and see their facilities and practices. You can also choose Vancouver catering company at Pacific Coast Catering for the best services.

Quality Control

Organizations seeking catering services should expect a guarantee of high standards and quality. This can include a wide variety of meals, varying in delivery and frequency, along with the level of service you'd expect from a more traditional restaurant. 

You should also expect a pleasant atmosphere and location for your contract caterer. Catering services should offer a variety of healthy eating options and a varied menu.

Catering Contract

Ensure early on that the correct form of catering contract has been agreed. There are 2 main types of contracts – management fees and franchise agreements. In the form of administrative costs, the customer bears the costs and the caterer provides all elements of the catering service for a fee. 


Establish clear enforcement actions with your contract provider. This can typically include gross profit rates and labor cost rates, as well as performance standards such as queue times, menu balance and style. With the increasing focus on environmental issues, other criteria may include food mileage, energy use, and waste management.