Chronic Back Pain Can Be Treated Through Physical Therapy

One of the most recent advances in the physical therapy treatment of patients with neck and back pain is what is known as spinal decompression. This is an improvement over the old spinal traction machine. The concept remains the same, although we already know better why this treatment works so well for most patients.

Physical therapy is an effective way to change the natural history of aging and spinal pain. You can find treatments for low back pain by the best physical therapy in Lutherville.

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First of all, it is important to know why the spines hurt. Oftentimes, the human spine aches because time, gravity, and genetics all cause damage to our intervertebral discs. These changes initially cause intermittent pain. Physiotherapy can be important and correct this problem.

The reason it hurts is that time compresses our spines.  The more time, the more compression. The compression rate varies from person to person, but everyone will experience this process. Through this process, people lose their height as they get older. It crushes them and that’s why the pain strikes.

The most direct way to solve this problem is to decompress the spine, which is physically pulling the vertebrae apart. Physical therapists help with providing sophisticated spinal decompression treatments.

The disc has the potential to regenerate, as documented by CT scans, which showed an increase in disc height after these series of treatments. Microscopic and radioisotope studies showed an increase in the number of cells in the disc and an increase in the synthesis of reparative molecules in the disc treated with decompression. An important fact is that most of the patients treated in this way showed significant improvement.