Crystal Salt Lamps And Dry Salt Therapy

Dry salt therapy also known as speleotherapy was discovered by a Polish doctor in the 1800s when it was discovered that breathing in pure oxygenated air in salt mines helped to treat respiratory problems. 

Salt caves are located within Eastern Europe, particularly Poland as well as the Himalayas. The salt caves that heal are renowned for their antibacterial and antifungal effects.

Therefore, instead of searching for an underground dry salt cave, everyone can experience the healing qualities and benefits of using salt lamps. They are made of salt in the cave and, when they are lit, they release negative ions into the air which can bring about the advantages of living inside a salt cave. 

Negative ions are charged particles that aid in removing pollutants from the air that have an effect that is beneficial to our immune system and respiratory system. 

To keep the energy of the beginning to preserve the energy that is primordial, lamps must be hand-carved from an unbreakable chunk of salt crystal. Due to this method of hand-chiseling, the salt lamp you purchase will be unique. 

Salt blocks are carved from the cliffs at the base in the Himalayan Mountains, Polish Salt Caves, and the rare Persian Beds. They are Himalayan salt lamps that are deep brownish-orange in color. They are an ethereal orange that when lit, reminds me of the hue that the moon has. They emit a warm tranquil glow that is reflective of their high mineral content. They have reds that are iron, oranges are copper yellows that come from magnesium. 

They are a great choice for the Persian salt lamp that is available in the brightest of fuchsias to magentas and purples, with a few variations of white together in one lamp. The colors create an optical illusion. We notice that these lamps become darker in the evening.