Free Time Management Tools

There are tons of free time management tools out there – especially online. However, many people do not realize how easy time management really is and for the most part, you will have it prepared.

The first recreation management tool we will discuss is your concern. Focus is key to time management because the more you get into a topic, the easier it will be to finish it quickly. In fact, some of us are just hesitant, so the term crippling forces us to work in this pure adrenaline-pumping focus state.

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How to Make a Time Management Plan You'll Actually Use

Fortunately, however, you can increase your focus simply by increasing the importance of the task to you and offering yourself a reward for doing it.

The next free time management tool has priority. It's important to prioritize everything because if you do your tasks in order of priority, you'll find that your productivity is almost doubled overnight because whatever has to be done gets done as quickly as possible.

The third tool for free time management is the stopwatch. If you use a free stopwatch on Google, you will find several options. Stopwatches are important because the most important thing about assignments is to give them aggressive but manageable deadlines – and that includes time (for example, I gave myself 20 minutes to write this article). Setting deadlines and meeting them also increases your time.

The final recreation management tool I'm going to discuss is planning. I am a big supporter of task management. So I just write down what I want to do, set a deadline, break it down into chunks, set a deadline for them. I then save my daily to-do list on an index card, prioritize them, and then prioritize them within the predefined time frame.

This is too complicated for some people. If you're one of those people and want even more accuracy, I recommend Google Calendar. In this case, use the tips above, but plan for a specific time each day to get things done. A great way to start is to block out those times when there is nothing you can do because you are always busy.