Gifts For A Christening or Naming Ceremony In Israel

A Christening or Naming Ceremony is a special day in a child’s life and, if you’ve been invited to attend one, you might find choosing the right gift for such an important occasion a little daunting. However, that's not necessary, as there are plenty of perfect gifts out there which you can give in baby blessing and naming ceremony that can also suit your budget.

The key is to look for something that will continue and be appreciated for years to come. 

Some gift ideas for this ceremony are:


Jewelry is a timeless gift that can be kept for a lifetime and is a great gift. Jewelry doesn't have to be limited to christening bracelets. If you prefer to break with tradition, consider a silver bracelet with some personalized amulets (child's initials, birthstone, etc.).


Traditional items are rattles, Bibles, and baptismal spoons or cups. It is traditional to give silver items at a christening, and a more modern approach to the silver tradition could be a silver thimble, jewelry box, or silver box for money.

Modern ideas

You don't have to look for traditional gifts if you don't want to, and more modern variations on christening and naming ceremony gifts include quality toys and figurines, memory boxes, and picture frames.

If you think the family will appreciate it, consider making a donation or adopting an endangered animal on the child's behalf. In this way, parents can tell their children how they have contributed to the preservation of our planet.