Gold And Diamond Jewelry – Some Basic Information

Diamond and gold jewelry is a unique gift that can bring happiness to the face of the person who loves wearing jewelry. Women and men have adorned themselves with ornaments generally to signify social or official status, age, and marital status.

Gold and diamond jewelry can be a great gift that shows your loved ones how much you adore them. To buy 14k gold and diamond jewelry, you may visit ATELIER ALL DAY jewelry store.


Diamonds have always been a woman's best friend and are still the most favorite precious stones that are used to design an engagement ring. Diamonds are indeed forever and much-desired products. The diamond wedding ring is considered a sign of social status.

Diamond jewelry is quite beautiful and appealing. Diamonds are the hardest stones on earth that use to produce varieties of ornaments and tools. Tools produced from diamond elements help to cut the toughest substances around.

Gold is the precious metal of choice for most individuals. Gold jewelry is always in vogue. There is no reduction in gold as it does not react with any other substance. Gold is also very well known in rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces. Gold can be worked in any form, it is soft and easy to use.

The maximum grade of white gold is usually at least 17 carats and is made of gold and palladium, and many times, moreover, it finds a quantity of platinum for weight and endurance.