Guide To Industrial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Cleaning the fans in commercial kitchens is an important part of the regular maintenance of a cooking business. Therefore, all kitchen owners and kitchen managers should be aware of their role in fire safety and ensure that this is done daily to remove dirt, grease, and other harmful contaminants from the kitchen. You can also visit to buy a commercial kitchen exhaust fan.

The exhaust system for a commercial kitchen consists of three parts: the fan, the extractor fan, and the air outlet.

Air ducts move the air where you want it. The exhaust fan keeps the airflow in the right direction and the hood protects the shoots and other equipment.

The fan is an important part of a commercial kitchen exhaust system. It is important to regularly clean the fans in restaurants to keep your ventilation system running smoothly and efficiently.

Every kitchen expert is legally obliged to clean the ventilation holes of the extractor hood. Every commercial kitchen is equipped with exhaust fans and a hood over the stove to remove fumes, fumes, and steam from the kitchen that would pollute the indoor air in the restaurant dining area.

How often should you clean kitchen exhaust air?

How often you clean your kitchen exhaust air depends on many factors. However, regular maintenance is very important. The most common cleaning frequency is every three months.

However, this may be different. Kitchen exhaust systems that need to be cleaned are on stoves that burn charcoal and wood. These items should be cleaned at least once a month, in some cases every two weeks.