Heartburn – Rid Yourself Of That Horrible Burning

Don't you think of a strange word when it comes to heartburn? However, that's what we say when we have too much acid in our stomach. In our bodies, we have an esophagus that carries food to our stomach and can suffer acid burns as the acid is released from the stomach to handle the food we just ate. This in turn causes pain under the breastbone and a burning sensation and is known as acid reflux. In other cases, the acid enters your mouth and gives you a sour and bitter taste in your mouth. You may also experience chest pain and burning, which is very uncomfortable.


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Home Remedies:

If you want to try something different, why not a centuries-old drug? There are several, and it may be worthwhile to use one rather than giving over-the-counter pills.


White herbal roses have mucus in them, which is supposed to cover the lining of the esophagus thereby relieving the burning of acids.

Aloe Vera:

The juice of this plant also soothes the esophagus. A popular natural home remedy in Europe that can relieve heartburn.