How is Car Hire in Norfolk Island Cheaper Than Other Options

Norfolk Island is a great location for car hire. It is much cheaper to hire a car here than on other islands in the region. In fact, it can be cheaper to rent a car on Norfolk Island than in Australia or New Zealand! This is because the fuel prices are lower and the currency is still tethered to the Australian dollar.

In addition, the cost of living is quite low on Norfolk Island, so you can save money by eating at local restaurants and shopping in local stores. In fact, the cost of living is only 17% higher than in Australia! This lowers your overall costs and budget for car hire in Norfolk Island.

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How much does it cost to travel around Norfolk Island?

The distance to the closest major city is just 1.8 km and it takes 5 minutes to drive there by car. So you can drive straight there without any issues! Driving in Norfolk Island can be great fun, as there are no speed limits here. However, if you want to hire a vehicle with a driver then this is not an affordable option – average prices range from $20-$25 per hour (more expensive during peak season).

It is also quite expensive to have a driver take you traveling on the ferry between Norfolk Island and the mainland. The public bus service is free, but due to the small size of this island, it can take a while to get through the traffic jams. Public transport is limited and unreliable, so if you're really stuck you'll have to book your taxi.

You will find taxis in Norfolk Island town and also at Norfolk International Airport. When driving on the left-hand side of the road, remember that speed limits are generally 60 km/h, except for certain sections marked as "60-80". Some signs are not marked with speed limits; if you see a sign indicating "no speeding", keep your speed down to 30 km/h.