How To Buy Fresh And Wild Mushrooms In Canada

Mushrooms are becoming more popular in the food world now as organic food is in great demand. The best places to buy fresh wild mushrooms are locals, such as farmers' markets or specialty groceries. 

When this is not possible, however, there are some online mushroom vendors that provide quality products for your mushroom-buying needs. For more information about the online mushroom shop, you can visit


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If you are unsure about which mushroom you should buy, it is always helpful to speak directly to the farmer or seller for local recommendations. Feel free to share recipes or personal taste preferences with the farmer or seller. 

This information will affect which mushrooms they can recommend for your specific taste preference or recipe. Wild mushrooms are seasonal and affect both their availability and price, so be prepared for some vendors not to have certain varieties at certain times. 

If possible, it is best to eat what is in season, as it will give the best flavor and possibly the cheapest option. Some mushrooms are highly poisonous, so always be assured of the credibility of the seller when purchasing wild mushrooms, whenever you choose to shop.

Do not harvest wild mushrooms until you can recognize the difference between safe and poisonous mushrooms. If you cannot find fresh mushrooms in your local market, many online retailers sell and ship local mushrooms. Another option is to buy dried mushrooms, which can be easily dehydrated and used in many delicious dishes.