Information About Working Rights In Australia

Although Australia is thought to be an ideal immigrant destination due to the wide range of career opportunities for any profession the flexible working rights of Australia are also one major reason why Australia is one of the top desired international destinations for employment. Here are some of the most accommodating and fundamental rights which get under job sponsorship visa to Australia:

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  • Maximum of 38 hours per week, with the possibility of adding hours
  • You are entitled to an annual holiday of 4 weeks of paid leave
  • Allowed for a personal leave of up to 10 days
  • Public holidays are off
  • Community service leave
  • Log service quit
  • Parental and adoption unpaid leaves for twelve months (can be followed by the option of requesting another 12 months)
  • Allowed to request flexible working hours
  • Given written notice of the termination decision and redundancy payment
  • Affidavit of a Fair Work Information Statement
  • Pay rates, current pay levels, and methods of pay for workers from abroad working in Australia

According to the annual wage report released in July 2015, the wages that foreigners earn within Australia included $656.90 per week, or $7 .29 an hour. The rate was set for a single year. That means that until July 2016 the same pay rate is in effect and no change can be expected following July 2016.

The usual method to pay foreign employees is through cheque either money transfer or money order or postal mail. However, if a worker wishes to receive payment in cash and the employer is willing to accept no objection, he may also request cash payment.