Is Biometric Time & Attendance Software Helpful?

The most widely used method of gathering attendance logs is biometrics. This is not only because it is foolproof, but also because technology is improving at a rapid pace. Today, biometric attendance and time software are very popular in the business world for tracking employees' attendance. 

Easy to use and install, biometric attendance apps allow you to track employee data for analysis.

These biometric attendance method have the greatest advantage: employees can't clock in for each other. The previous systems had a timeclock and sign-in sheets. Employees could also swipe an ID card. This system is more honest and easier for employees to use, which reduces time theft.

What does online biometric attendance software do?

The biometric attendance and time software uses fingerprints of employees to verify who clocks in and out every day. The system scans employees' fingers and maps their fingerprints' crossings and endpoints. 

Employees who have not been entered into this system will not be allowed to use the biometric system for clocking in and out of work every day.

Is biometric technology safe?

Some people worry that outside entities could hack the biometric system or log into it. However, this is not true. Biometric trackers are completely secure and safe. The system can only be used by the company that owns it. 

Biometric software is considered safe due to the fact that it does not contain any personal information, other than the fingerprint of the employee and their ID number. The biometric system does not use any other personal information such as birthdate. This makes it extremely secure.