Learn About Streaming Technology

Streaming media technology is a delivery method rather than a medium. It distributes audio, videos, and multimedia over the Tv in real-time or on-demand. Unlike other online media, streaming media is instantaneous and does not require the user to download the whole file. It doesn't require any thinking or techniques. It just plays.

Streaming media doesn't have to be reserved for entertainment or luxury brands. There are many common businesses uses for it, such as company meetings, distance education, salesforce training, and surveillance. You can also hire professionals for the best Live TV Streaming and Advertising Services via Total-TV.

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Training and educational opportunities do not have to be limited to the classroom. Companies can train thousands of employees all over the globe. The United States Department of Defense provided 35 hours of smallpox training to 20,000 military healthcare professionals in 2003. This included clinical consultants and medical directors.

Imagine your commercials for your product being uninterrupted by radio or news programs. Research and Markets' January 2008 report on streaming media advertising found that streaming audio and video advertising had a marketing budget of $990.3 million. This is 128% more than the $433 million they were billed for in 2005.

Every industry has a need to communicate and businesses are quickly realizing the importance of streaming media, especially streaming video. IBM states that streaming video can help businesses dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness in corporate communications efforts, from rich media corporate portal content to live webcast presentations to distance education for employees and many other things