Pool Solar Covers – Are They Really Necessary?

Solar heating for your pool is a wonderful clean, green addition to your swimming pool and a huge plus for your swimming enjoyment. Solar heat can be generated inexpensively by easy-to-install, manage and maintain solar pool heating systems. Your task is to select the one that best suits your home terrain, climate and budget.

That solar heating systems work is beyond doubt, but relying solely on your solar pool heat system to maintain pool heat at an ideal warmth without bringing in extra help will not produce the best results consistently. This fact is not due to a failing in your solar pool heating system, but to a few laws of nature that try to undermine the warmth that your pool heating system is generating.

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These natural processes are:

  • the cooling effect of evaporation;
  • nature's relentless desire for balancing things out will cause heat to be transferred to the colder air around it
  • cooling caused by refilling the pool to make up the water loss to evaporation (between 50% – 70% depending on the weather)

What are solar swimming pool covers and how are they different from conventional pool covers?

They are pool covers with a solar heating capability built into them, so that the surface area they cover (i.e. your pool) also has solar heat absorbing properties. The heat in the solar pool cover is transferred to the water below it adding to the warmth of the pool. Even without a solar pool heat system, a solar cover can raise the pool temperature by a few degrees.

When it is used together with a solar pool heating system, it makes a noticeable difference – the water temperature is higher and it remains so because heat loss is minimized by the cover.