Self-Publishing – Publish a Book Today

Why Self-Publishing?

It is very easy and inexpensive. Publishing with a large publishing company is not an easy task. Not only does it take time and money, but you also need to be familiar with the business and its regulations. Many wannabe authors have had to leave a publishing deal with big publishers unsatisfied.

Instead of stepping into the dark world of publishing, you can opt to self-publish your masterpiece. You will have full control over the details, including pricing, sales, and even the book's content. You can also get professional assistance to get your book published.

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Be a self-publishing bestseller

You have a dream of becoming the next bestselling author in the world. Then you self-publish your 98-page book on cactus smoothies. You sit at your computer late at night, with your family asleep, and all your lights out, soon after your book is released to the world. As you look over the sales statistics, you feel sad.

Many people start self-publishing in hopes of being Stephen King. But the reality is often much more difficult than they imagined. You can't expect to sell any books just because you publish a book and make it available to everyone on the internet. Having this in mind can make your publishing less painful.

What is Self-Publishing Good for?

After you publish your book, you can call yourself a published author. Technically, this is true. However, self-publishers are not allowed to use the term "published author" because they will be considered "real published authors". This is because printed books must be published through a publisher. It doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't speak your mind!

Book quality is something some may care about and others not. If you're going for a published book and nothing more, take some written material you may already have and string your texts together using a program like OpenOffice. Once you have enough pages just slap an image of a cat on the front, give it a name, save it as a PDF and your ready to publish. No one will like the book and it will look like something the cat dragged in. 

My advice is without any doubt that you should put in some good hours of work, at least trying to create something useful. You might not have the best book out there nor the most innovative but if you at least format it well, create a table of contents, fabricate a good front page and do it all with some sense of criticism of what you're doing, you'll at least end up with a book readers can see you cared enough about to put in some work.