Settings to Consider While Shooting a Video with a Drone

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Video footage from a drone offers a unique experience to the viewers. When it comes to getting that unique footage, amateur drone pilots either ignore or underestimate the camera settings. Due to this reason, pilots end-up with bad footage. It is crucial to understand the correct settings provided you are in an amazing location. If you aren’t aware of what your drone’s camera settings are, here are a few you should be aware of.

  1. Understand Picture Profile – In order to get the perfect color information and contrast, you should be aware of the picture profile. At the time of shooting a video, ensure the picture profile you set is flat. This helps you to play with different colors during the time you edit the footage.
  2. Understand White Balance – White balance helps you to shoot the object of your interest. A great tip is to choose the white balance as “Sunny” or “Cloudy” for the best results. Another tip is to avoid keeping the white balance as “Auto”. Doing so will make the editing difficult.
  3. Understand the ISO – ISO is all about brightening or darkening the image of the subject. A tip here is to keep the ISO low during daytime and low ISO during nighttime.
  4. Understand Shutter Speed – Shutter speed needs to be set according to the frame rate of the video. Based on the speed of the subject, the shutter speed should be set in order to get the desired outcome for your video.

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