Stopping an Itchy Beard

Beards have been grown and worn by men since antiquity. They were a sign of maturity, an item of convenience, and many become symbols of power or status. Today, more and more American men are growing and maintaining beards.

Despite the coolness and novelty of growing a beard, the actual process of growing one can be uncomfortable. For the uninitiated, beard itch, flakiness, and general discomfort are common symptoms that affect would-be-beard-growers around the world.

Regular washing and shampooing are crucial to general beard hygiene and preventing unwanted odors.

Beyond that, modern beard oils and Melbourne Beard Wash can be true lifesavers.

Like any other product, the range of beard oils is simply staggering.

There is everything from mass-made synthetic products that promise all sorts of results to natural-based products that are sold locally or online.

For beginner beard growers, we recommend picking an unscented beard oil. Unscented is crucial because many products have a tendency to project their scent heavily throughout the day (and overpower any other scents you may have on). Further, unscented products are great considerate choices for those who are sensitive to perfumes or other strong odors.

Razor blades became encased within cartridges to prevent "nicks", with "micro fins" to help lift the hair and a lubricating strip was also developed to help the smooth glide process. The lubricating strip also became a handy indicator as to when a new blade should be used. As the color fades on the lubricating strip, consideration should be given to changing the blade.

The color on the lubricating strip should only be used as a guide to when the blade needs changing, don't forget, some blokes have hair that is a lot finer than others so even though the strip has lost its color there may still be living in those blades.