The Best Way to Unjam a Paper Folding Machine

The paper folding machine is the best machine that will save you time and can also increase the productivity of your office when it is working well. But unfortunately, the paper folding machine is prone to get jammed in its machine as a large number of moving parts.

If it gets jammed, don't worry because you can fix this problem by taking some of the following steps and you will get your machine back. Sure it will really help you a lot. For more information about the paper folder machine via

The Best Way to Unjam a Paper Folding Machine

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The first step that should be done is to power off your machine by unplugging the power cord from the outlet. After that, remove the jewelry with your fingers so that it does not get stuck in your machine.

For the previous step, you have to look at the fold plates. By doing so, you've got to make positive they are installed correctly. The plates may make the clicking noise when they're reaching the proper position.

For your next step, you need to eliminate the scarps of this newspaper. After that, search the interior of your system for the tiny pieces of paper which is going to be causing messes. You must also look closely at the fold plates to the scraps.

Following that, you must insert the bit of paper in your machine.

You must also look at the rollers. Should they get cluttered or perhaps worn out, they'll cause spikes.

For the previous step, you have to confirm the paper feed. Make sure it is straight therefore that the paper is fed to your system properly. Straighten the feed if it's crooked.