The Different Types of Charm Bracelets You Can Buy

Charm bracelets are on the rise. Designer brands have taken the idea and re-marketed it as a fashion statement, making charm bracelets a much more fashionable form of memento.

There are many styles of charm bracelets, but the most popular is the silver snake chain. You can slide many charms onto this bracelet. These bracelets were originally made from silver or gold links. 

Charms could be attached to each link. This new bracelet offers a safer way to attach charms to your bracelet. You can buy affordable best charm bracelets online through various websites.

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Bracelet clasps

The charms are more securely fastened to bracelets these days, and the bracelets have many different types of clasps. The most popular clasp is the lobster clasp. These clasps are very common for bracelets. They have a trigger opening that is easy to use.

Some companies use their own locking clasps. This clasp is very tight and difficult to remove. You can choose a clasp with a different finish depending on the brand of charm bracelet that you purchase. You can buy bracelets made of sterling silver with gold hooks.

Bracelet types

Charm bracelets are becoming more widely available in many different materials. The unbranded versions are typically made from sterling silver. You can buy silver bracelets with either a high-polished or matte finish. There are also oxidized silver bracelets. The oxidation process gives these bracelets an almost black appearance.

Choose Your Size

Make sure that you choose the right size charm bracelet. Your bracelet should be able to hold a variety of charms. Don't make it too tight before you start. 

Measure your wrist using a measuring tape, or a bit of string to determine the size charm bracelet you need. After you measure your wrist, add 2 to 3 cm to the length. Adding charms to your bracelet will make it feel tighter.