The Evolution of the Video Gaming Industry

Since the beginning of the Century, the entire video gaming industry has changed. The advancements in video technology and the advanced graphics that have been achieved thanks to the latest technology have taken the art of gaming to a completely new level. There are no more days where players would play a fun video game for a half-hour or for entertainment purposes or to unwind and take a break. 

The latest generation of gamers take the games with a lot of passion and are completely absorbed by all aspects of the world of video as they experience every second of their game. You can also find out the latest news on the gaming industry via

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There are a variety of game designers, software companies, and game promoters that are hiring gamers in various positions due to their expertise in video games. This new type of player is now called a professional gamer. It's not uncommon for major corporations to sponsor some of these professional gamers to play in various games and tournaments that are being held. 

They can sponsor the players in either a group or an individual. This means that all expenses are covered by the company in relation to travel costs between the venue and home, lodging while the event is taking place and any other expenses during the event.

There are numerous games and tournaments which are being held throughout the year all across the globe. The games which are frequently sponsored by professional gamers include Counter-strike Fifa, Quake3, Warcraft3, Quake 4, and much more.