The Growing Field Of FFPE Tissue Applications

There are many reasons why interest in FFPE tissue applications is growing. For one, the technology has been proven to be successful and safe. 

Also, the applications allow for customization and versatility, making them ideal for a variety of medical procedures. 

Another reason why interest in FFPE tissue applications is growing is that they are affordable. This is especially true when compared to other types of tissue replacement therapies. 

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Finally, FFPE tissue applications are becoming more popular due to their potential to help improve patient outcomes. 

What are some other FFPE tissue applications?

One FFPE tissue application is for isolating and characterizing stem cells. Stem cells are found in almost all tissues, and can be used to create new tissues or treatments for diseases. Another application is for studying how the human body works. By looking at tissues from different parts of the body, scientists can learn more about how the whole system functions.

Normal FFPE tissue application 

A normal FFPE tissue application typically starts with a consultation with the doctor or technician to determine what type of tissue is needed and the best way to obtain it. Once the specifications are known, a tissue machine is prepped and started. The operator then places a piece of FFPE around the object or patient that needs a tissue, seals it off with adhesive, and pulls the device back slowly until the tissue is detached from the machine.