The History Of Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks has a very thrilling story of their journey from the moment they made their first Volvo and then to becoming the most prestigious huge truck manufacturing firm around the globe in the present. 

This isn't only a story about the way Volvo Trucks evolved, but it also tells the story of how modern-day trucks were created. Every big industrialist or manufacturer needs a truck for transportation. If you are also in need of a new truck then you can visit and get new Volvo trucks for sale.

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Volvo Trucks is a subgroup of the Volvo Group of companies. The first vehicle from Volvo Trucks Volvo Group came out in the year 1927, at their very first factory located in Sweden. 

The first Volvo truck of Series 1 was released in the first quarter of 1928. At this period, trucks were regarded as a complement to moving goods, along with cargo ships, railways, and wagons pulled by horses.

The 1930s witnessed the rapid growth of Volvo. The company introduced new and improved products and success in the launch of several models. At first, Volvo Trucks were slightly old-fashioned in comparison to the models of their rivals. Then, Volvo had caught up with the times and was the most popular truck maker within the Nordic region.

They have nine assembly plants across the globe. In addition, eight factories are controlled by local partners. What began as a Swedish firm with export sales quickly became a European company that has assembly facilities located in Belgium and Scotland in addition.

They first entered the market for trucks within North America in 1959. In the late 1970s, Volvo of America Corporation was established and became an established player in the United States truck market. Since then, there's been no turning back. There's only been one route to take for Volvo and that's 'up.'