The Reasons For Organizing Your Cannabis Drying Room

If you run an industrial cannabis plant and you're aware of it, the drying room for cannabis is one of your facility's most significant problems. It's not just you! According to a recent survey by Lift and Grow, the majority of growers have rated their satisfaction with the drying room's operations at an average of 3.18 out of five. 

Growers not only report the drying room is generally too small to adequately accommodate buds, but they also point out that controlling humidity, airflow levels, and safety of employees within drying rooms can be extremely challenging.

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Our groundbreaking technology has solved the Cannabis Drying Room Dilemma Serving some of the biggest cannabis cultivators in the world in recent years has provided Lift and Grow immense insight into the process of cultivating cannabis' problems. 

Each time the most frequent complaint that we hear from commercial cannabis cultivators is that there is no effective, safe method to cure and dry cannabis. Where some have issues we have solutions. 

Our engineers from Lift and Grow got to resolve the most frequent issue in cannabis establishments: drying rooms. In the end, we created two revolutionary systems: The three-in-1 dry system as well as the Flatbed Drying Rack. 

Both drying room models make use of the same technology of lifting to control our popular lighting solutions for growing.

  • It maximizes space in a small drying room
  • It helps ensure that employees are secure on the Ground
  • It can lift 350 pounds of wet cannabis Clippings Overhead
  • It can be safely stored on the roof when not in use.