Tips for Getting Great Business Stationery

Today, many companies spend a lot of time making sure their website looks great and works as it should, especially if they do most of their business online.  We all know the importance of a strong online presence.


However, even if most of your correspondence takes place via email or through your website you should always ensure you have professional, branded, business stationery. Online business stationery printing means professional letterheads won’t break the bank and you can get superb results for little cost.

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Why do you still need business stationery?

Many people think that with so many forms of digital communication available stationery printing is no longer necessary. This is a huge mistake. Why do most couples still print wedding stationery and send cards or printed invites for special occasions? Because they’re more personal. In business it’s equally important it is to build strong personal relationships.

Sending a printed letterhead or compliment slip with a handwritten note or signature shows a far greater level of thought than just pinging off an email. Your customer will feel their business is much more important to you. That builds trust and leads to customer loyalty.

Why the simple design works best

When designing your printed stationery remember its purpose is not to sell your business, products, or services – your other marketing can do that. Business stationery is there to help portray your brand and company as highly professional and ready to do business. Contact details should be prominent.

You can even include social media handles to encourage people to get in touch quickly and easily. Keep the design clean, simple, and consistent with your brand. Remember that stationery printing is more about growing your brand than advertising your services.