Types Of Printed Carrier Bags And Their Uses

If you are a store or company looking to buy a printed tote bag, this can be a great amount for you to get. Most of them fall into categories based on their material: printed paper bags, plastic tote bags, and eco-friendly tote bags, each with their own advantages, disadvantages, and the uses they are best suited for.

Printed Plastic Carrier Bags:

Printed plastic bags via CoPack Inc. are the bags that you see everywhere in the shopping world. They are extremely durable and water-resistant and can even be made from recyclable materials. They don't offer the range of coatings that paper can offer, but they can still be printed in full color and a choice of matte or glossy finishes.

  • LDPE (soft) plastic bags
  • HDPE (hard) plastic bags

Printed Carrier Bags Stand Out

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Printed Paper Bag:

Paper bags are widely used in retail stores as an alternative to plastic. They are durable, versatile, and can withstand many different printing techniques. This flexibility allows the bag to be made entirely to measure and have many different finishes such as UV dot, embossing, hot foil, laminate, and, like paper, recyclable.

Paper bags can be further divided according to paper, weight type, and handle type:

  • Luxury printed paper bag with closed handle
  • Printed bag for carrying recycled paper
  • Printed paper bag for handle
  • Printed paper bag with flat handle
  • Printed paper bag without handle

Lifetime print eco-friendly bag:

Cotton bags with prints are very popular among retailers and consumers. They can be made in a variety of thicknesses and printed in a single color at full opacity, enabling creative and eye-catching results while being reusable and environmentally friendly.