What Are The Main Types Of Physical Rehabilitation?

When we consider physical therapy, many are unaware of the various treatments and therapies that it provides. A lot of people think of physical therapy and rehabilitation as one and identical, however, physical therapy actually falls part of the realm of physical rehabilitation.

The treatments used are designed to enhance your life quality by improving your body's natural function. The ailments or injuries that are treated may affect your joints, muscles ligaments, tendons and bones, as well as the brain, spinal cord or nerve system. Visit sites like cbayaquapt.com/, to find a physical therapy center.

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Rehabilitation will not only help improve your physical health, but also your mental and cognitive health as well. It is important to note that treatment options may differ based on the stage of life, particularly when it comes to geriatric or pediatric therapy.

Physical Therapy

Therapy for physical injuries (PT) refers to the therapy of injuries or diseases using exercises treatment with heat or cold massage, stretching, and. PT is a practice that can be done in the hospital, at outpatient facilities, or even at the home. It is a great treatment for issues such as joint replacement, arthritis and sports injuries and back pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and many others.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is like physical therapy but it focuses on helping you become more independent in your daily living (ADL). This could include cleaning your teeth, dressing or getting up. Each session is tailored to your daily routine. 

Some of the therapies and treatments are like those used by physical therapy. While PT is focused on improving the functioning and strength of the body OT is focused on particular activity you have to or would like to do every day.