What Can Cloud Computing Do for Your Business

Do you know what cloud computing is? Recent surveys find over half of businesses owners don't, which is a shame since most businesses are already using cloud-computing services. Importantly for businesses, cloud computing offers cost-effective ways to manage technology and grow, while preserving capital and improving productivity.

So, what exactly is cloud computing and how can we use it in our businesses?

What is cloud computing? Just as millions of water droplets form a rain cloud together, cloud computing is a collection of low-power computers that are put together to form a very powerful computer system. you can also look for leading cloud computing provider in Australia.

Image Source: Google

If you search Google, quick results can be traced back to hundreds of thousands of computers in their eight data centers around the world. Together, these computers have more power than the largest supercomputer in the world – at a fraction of the price.

Because these computer "clouds" make online service delivery extremely inexpensive, it is easier for companies to offer customers low-cost software and data storage over the Internet.

Cloud computing controls nearly every online service we have used in recent years. Google checks Facebook status updates and the Amazon online shop runs in the cloud.

How does the cloud help businesses? A big advantage for businesses is that cloud services no longer have to shell out money upfront on computer software as most online providers charge a monthly fee, which frees up capital. Another advantage is that there are usually no fixed costs. So you can increase or decrease the license like working hours.