Women’s Socks – Get A Pretty Pair

There are many styles and colors available for women's socks. One woman might choose one sock for its fashion or function. Depending on what type of shoes she chooses, she may prefer one style to the other. Also through various perspectives like comfort, health, and nature friendly, one can go for sustainable socks for conscious soles also. 

The decision is also affected by other factors, such as how much walking will be done, the climate, and where the person will go.

The dress sock is a popular choice for women's socks. There are many options, with the most popular being black, navy, and beige. It is becoming more common to find the right shade for any outfit as styles evolve. The dress socks are usually made from thin, silky fabrics such as nylon, acrylic, and polyester. Sometimes, spandex is added to improve elasticity. The length of this style is from mid-calf up to knee-high.

The athletic sock is another popular style of women's socks. They are made from cotton which helps to absorb moisture during activity. Moisture can lead to bacteria growth, odor feet, and skin rubbing that can lead to blisters. You may be interested in a sock that has this moisture-managing capability if you are active.

Although this style is available in many colors, it is most often purchased in white. This sock, which hits just below the ankle at the top of the shoe, is becoming more popular in the athletic world. The crew and quarter are also good options for female athletes. The crew hits just above the ankle while the quarter hits about mid-calf.