An Authentic Promotional Mode for Various Industry Platforms

Screen printing is an authentic promotion mode for a variety of industries, platforms, etc. This is the most economical process for printing aluminum, brass, and copper and stainless steel nameplates.

It is also known as the four-color processes, such as the colors are also possible with this process, in which the enamel, epoxy, or polyester ink is printed on a metal name tag. The screen-printed nameplate is then coated with epoxy to give long-lasting service. Screen printing is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. You can explore this link to know how printing t-shirts are useful in promotions.

Screen printing is a printing method, which puts the constant image on a flat surface material which may be metallic, non-metallic, and plastic or cloth, etc. It involves a mesh or screen extended on the frame, masking the area, which will not be printed.

screen printing press machine with a black long sleeve shirt on the press

Masking can be done directly but in terms multicolor screen printer using a photosensitive emulsion. These frames are then placed on the surface to be printed and a squeegee is used to pass the ink through the screen.

Ink does not pass through the surface of the masked and thus form an image, which eventually dried. This image will stay a long time even in harsh conditions. This process can be repeated with different screens for different colors.

The screen is placed on the rotary press for alignment of different colors. Screen printed custom nameplates; custom name tags etc are quite affordable for indoor purposes. You can make a reservation, it is also online with various nameplates manufacturing and printing companies that deliver to your doorstep and meet the industrial nameplates you need to match your specifications given.

Screen-printing is used on a custom name tag and skilled printing options for the military, aerospace, electronics applications. Screen printing is a process, which helps in making tag nameplate bears all the toughest environments.