Arthritis Pain Relief – What are the options?

Arthritis is not a disease that targets a particular age group as it affects young adults, children, as well as the elderly population. The goal of treatment is to stop the progress to the condition, reduce the inflammation, and ease the suffering that patients endure.

The treatments available include drug therapy or medications, physical therapy and exercise, steroid shots, and the more important option of surgery, or the removal of the bone and joint. 

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Physical Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Any treatment option must be discussed thoroughly with the physician prior to any decision being made. The most straightforward and efficient treatment that is available to the majority of patients is medication. 

Ibuprofen and aspirin aid in reducing inflammation and provide relief from arthritis pain. Aspirin is by far the most affordable medication used for arthritis relief.

But, it can cause occasional adverse effects such as irritation of the ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract and the sound that buzzes in the ear. 

The dosage usually begins with a minimal amount and then gradually increases until the physician determines the dosage that is most beneficial to the patient. 

This way, the risk of serious side effects is reduced. Aspirin is not recommended in the treatment of gout since it has been found to increase the severity of the condition.

Cortisone-type or steroid medications have been shown to provide alleviation of arthritis pain in the most severe cases of arthritis. It is usually injectable into the area affected however it is also taken orally.