Choose Waffle Pod Slab System For Construction

The Waffle Pod Slab system is a better way to build concrete slabs for new homes, expansions, or commercial industrial buildings. The wafer-substrate system allows concrete quantities to be determined more precisely, reduces waste and ensures significant improvements in construction site efficiency. 

It has minimal environmental impact – less soil disturbance and no excavated debris for disposal. The floor slabs with air pockets created by the shell form an insulating layer between the structure and the floor. You can contact the professionals at for the construction of waffle slab products at home.

The Waffle Pod Slab System received an Engineering Achievement Award from the Institute of Engineers and complies with all relevant regulations and standards.

The Slab Waffle Pod system is designed to cut costs, reduce concrete consumption, reduce slab installation time, and provide a stronger and more stable concrete slab, while providing the benefits of thermal insulation to the floor. Total energy consumption is reduced by keeping the house warm in winter and cooler in summer.

The structure of the wafer raft plate differs significantly from that of the workbench and hardened floor slab. The panel ribs are formed on the floor with the help of a lattice of hollow molded polystyrene located on a flat surface. It is ideal for many reactive clay sites and has no problem with preserved raft plates with beams embedded in reactive clay.