Choosing The Best Baby Swimwear

For most new parents, it's a little more fun than dressing your baby in the cutest clothes and showing it off to friends and family. You may have plans for your new little family this summer too. This summer you can look forward to trips to the beach and waterpark as well as days lounging by the pool.

This means it's almost time to choose a baby swimsuit. You can also look for the best disney bathing suits online.

Apart from the cute factor in choosing a baby swimsuit, there are many things that need to be considered. It's so tempting to put that big little babe in a teeny baby bikini – what's cuter?

But just as you are considering sunscreen, you also need to be careful about wearing a hat to cover your baby's delicate scalp and applying sunscreen to his sensitive skin.

The Baby's skin is much more sensitive than adults because it is new and still adapting to the environment outside the womb. Also, baby skin is thinner and more likely to lose moisture than adult skin.

Coverage is key. The more skin is covered, the better. Consider a suit or shorts and a rash protector. Even for girls, swim shorts and rash protectors can be adorable as well as protect that delicate skin.

The matching hat completes the look and protects your baby's delicate scalp and ears. When your baby walks (or walks around) make sure to wear sandals to protect his feet from the hot sand or pavement.

Pay attention to UV protection. Babies can get sunburned even if you wear sunscreen. We have to use a high SPF and reapply frequently, which can be challenging. So the easiest option is baby swimwear which offers good protection.