Discovering The Proper Implant Dentist In Brooklyn

No matter how well you maintain your oral hygiene, tooth loss is something that many people have to deal with. Your teeth can be lost due to ageing, disease, injury or even genetics. Most people believe that tooth loss has the greatest impact on their self-esteem and confidence. You can also browse parkdentalbk  for more information about implant dentists in Brooklyn.

implant dentist

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Dentures are susceptible to breaking and losing and must be replaced as the jaw shrinks. Until today, dentures were the only available dental restoration. Dental implants allow you to replace missing enamel with dental replacements that feel and perform exactly the same as the original. 

How are dental implants performed?

You can have dental implants done for a single tooth replacement or complete oral reconstruction. This involves drilling a hole in the jawbone to anchor a titanium implant. The steel is very well tolerated by bone tissue. Before the procedure can begin, the implant dentist must ensure that your gums and bones are healthy. 

A bone graft may be required if there isn't enough bone to support an implant. Although the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia, it may take a long time or if there is anxiety, sedation could be used.

Finding the right implant dentist

The best way to find one is to get a referral from your dentist. However, there are many times when you might need two dentists to complete the process, one for the implant and the other to fit the replacement teeth.