Due to these Reasons, Accidents Happen at Construction Sites

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Around 4000 people died in 2021 based on a report by Occupational Safety and Health Administration). From the 4000 people who lost their lives, unfortunately, around 19.6% belonged to workers working in the construction industry. These are some of the reasons that lead to accidents at construction sites.

  1. When an Individual Falls –People working at a height are bound to fall down in the event of making the smallest of mistakes. In fact, falling at the construction site is known to be one of the most common reasons leading to accidents. For instance; if there are no guardrails and the person made a mistake, then the individual can fall down.
  2. When an Individual gets Struck by an Object – In the year of 2012, around 78 workers lost their lives after getting struck by different objects. However, with proper training offered to the workers can avoid this problem.
  3. When an Individual gets Electrocuted – Around 66 workers died in 2012 due to electrocution. It’s a problem when workers fail to see the presence of power lines. Due to this reason, signs are put to ensure that everyone stays safe.
  4. When an Individual uses Machine he isn’t Trained for – Using any kind of heavy machine is to understand that the manual for operating is different for all machines. In the event of a worker who’s been trained to use a bulldozer but uses an excavator instead, then accidents are bound to happen. And in the worst-case scenario even death.

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