How to Make Black Truffle Sea Salt Taste Delicious?

The black truffle is a very popular food, and for good reason. The taste is as amazing as it is scrumptious, and is a healthy alternative to French fries and fried chicken. But not just because of its health benefits do people love the truffle and it's also a very versatile food. In fact, it can be made into all kinds of delicious dishes. Here are some of our favorites:

A crisp and salty appetizer is easy to make with the black truffle salt. You can make a light and fresh salad by sprinkling a little onion powder, sea salt, and lemon juice over your salad greens, or vegetables. This is great with fresh baby spinach or zucchini. Since this seasoning has a slight crunch, it doesn't overpower your veggies, and it is very little to no wilting.

Making popcorn balls is a quick and easy snack. Just pop the popcorn, mix, and wait for it to pop. It will be so much healthier than the microwave or greasy snack stick. Not only does the black truffle sea salt add a great flavor, but the small pieces of popcorn are also healthier. The lack of fat also helps to keep you from adding unhealthy butter or shortening. A little goes a long way.

Another great way to enjoy your black truffles is to top them with some mild and earthy flavors. A very good example would be to sprinkle some sugar-free preserves on them. Another option would be to add a little bit of Rosemary, peppermint, or cinnamon. All these spices are very good when paired with fresh berries or even cranberries. The cranberries help cut down on the fat that is produced while producing the flavor.

For a more traditional snack, toss popcorn onto a baguette with a little bit of oil. Spread a little bit of black truffle sea salt on the baguette, put a little sprinkling of sugar-free preserves on the popcorn, and then fold the baguette in half to make it into a sandwich. Makes a great afternoon or morning treat! You could also do a double layer with cream cheese and walnuts.

This is an alternative to using Italian black truffles. Since it is made with real Italian flavor, it does not overpower the other flavors in the recipe. Using it with fresh berries or even fresh strawberries can make this an interesting flavor as well. Sprinkle some black truffle sea salt on top and enjoy this delicious breakfast dish.

This is another combination that you may want to try. If you are looking for a salty version of the Italian black summer truffles, this is it. It mixes the flavors of popcorn, milk, and maybe a little lemon juice or orange juice if you are using it with citrus fruits. There is really no flavor that goes perfectly with this blend. However, it is a great way to cool down a hot day and enjoy a cool dessert.

This is another great combination to try. If you want to have a more earthenware-like flavor, this is the recipe for you. It mixes Italian black truffle salt and a bit of cream cheese in the pan over medium heat until the cream cheese begins to melt. Add fresh berries to the mixture and let it sit for a couple of minutes so the flavors meld together. Then sprinkle on a little sea salt and enjoy a sweet and salty dessert.

You can also use this mixture for making your own pasta. Just combine the black salt, regular salt, and some pasta, letting the pasta cook on the sides. When it's nearly done, sprinkle on some sea salt and let it sit for another couple of minutes. The pasta will be soft and the flavors will meld together.

Another great way to incorporate this flavorful mixture into your meals is to sprinkle it onto raw vegetables before you toss them into a salad. You can also sprinkle it on fish, chicken, or vegetable dishes. The black truffle will add a unique flavor to any dish and you'll enjoy the various textures that it brings to the meal.

For best results, do not season this mix with any other seasoning. Using regular table salt will not give you the same flavor, nor will use any other seasoning besides olive oil. If you want to continue to enjoy the original flavor of the black truffle salt, use a little bit of olive oil and season to taste.