LCD Advertising Display For Effective Digital Advertising

Unique e-advertising is the fastest-growing advertising industry and will never stop growing because of the myriad of solutions. If you are a large company, you may have enough money to build a video wall and install it on the side of a building near the main street to reach a large audience. 

A digital poster is a fairly general term and includes both stand-alone LCD marketing monitors and wall-mounted displays. The most cost-effective is the wall-mounted hanger, which can be easily installed in any salon, making it a talking point for clients and employees alike.

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LCD advertising display.

This type of technology consists of an LCD screen with a built-in campaign player that hosts advertisements locally on the memory card in a lockable and secure partition. What makes them unique is that they can be used in both panoramic and upright positions. 

With this tool, it is easy to use promotional videos and photos for your dynamic advertising, for example, if you are a solarium, you can offer and advertise skin repair, make leather more durable, and so on. 

Standalone LCD advertising display.

Connected to digital posters but standing on the floor, they have an LCD screen integrated into the body and are only available when the TV is in standby mode. 

Content is stored on memory cards, such as digital posters. They take up a lot of space, unlike digital advertising posters that can be hung in shop windows and are ideal for the mall and mall retailers.