Single-speed Bikes: What You Need To Know

Single-speed bikes have been around for a few years now and are continuing to grow in popularity. But what are the benefits of using a single-speed bike? Here's a list of five great reasons to go single-speed:

What is a single-speed bike?

A single-speed bike is a bike with only one gear. Single-speed bikes are often used for recreational purposes, but they can also be used as commuting or touring bikes. Even though they have only one gear, single-speed bikes are made to handle many different types of terrain. They're lightweight and don't require the same type of maintenance as other bikes would because there aren't any derailleurs on them. Shop online from for the best single speed in Fahrrad Kaufen.

Benefits of a Single Speed Bike

Single-speed bikes are great for getting around town. They're simple and easy to maintain. There's no need to worry about gears, oiling the chain, or breaking down. The only maintenance needed is pumping up the tires and fixing a flat tire if one occurs. This simply means that single-speed bikes are more affordable than other types of bikes.

Riding Tips

If you're looking to get a single-speed bike, there are some tips that will help you out. The maintenance on a single-speed bike is less often and much cheaper than on a multi-gear bike. This would be perfect for someone who doesn't ride their bike very often. The downside is that it can have a difficult time going uphill, so you need to take that into consideration when buying one.


Single-speed bikes are a type of geared bike that has one speed and one gear. The single gear is either on the front or rear wheel. A fixie is a type of single-speed bike that only has a front wheel, with the back wheel removed. Fixies are usually ridden without brakes and were originally designed for track racing.