What Are The Conditions That Affect Sealed Packages?

In a normal working environment, it is impossible to control all the elements that may affect the quality of the seal, contamination, material, sealing parameters, and normal packaging problems. The following sealing conditions affect the packaging:

1. Contamination – Each sealing process can lead to seal contamination issues. Thermoformed and tray sealers may also have product particles that fall on the flat face of the seal before sealing, or thin the material at the corners. A number of measures like high quality vacuum seal tester can be introduced to minimize this contamination, including particulate removal by air knives, antistatic measures, and better control of the filling process.

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2. Packaging film quality – Packaging materials are a combination of at least two materials and an adhesive layer to hold them together, the quality and control of this manufacturing process can have a great influence on the quality and reliability of the packaging. final packaging. Therefore, poor process control can obviously affect the quality of each layer of the film.

3. Sealing parameters –  There are three parameters in operation, time, pressure and temperature, to guarantee the sealing between materials. The time is normally controlled by the performance of the machine and can normally only be adjusted by reducing the speed of the packaging machine.

The pressure is adjustable and can play a vital role in the quality of the seal, too little pressure and the material is not well adhered, too much pressure and the material can be damaged. 

Due to the short time that the sealing tools are closed on the packaging material and the fact that plastics are poor conductors of heat, the temperature of the tool is usually much higher than the melting temperature of the sealing layer.