What Types Of Cranes Are Available For Sale?

Cranes are used to move heavy objects such as large rocks, beams, and railroad cars. There are many types of cranes that can be found in the industry today. Some of the most common types include:

Armored crawler cranes are used to lift, load, and place items that are too heavy for a normal truck to move. These are normally used in mining or construction industries.

There are many types of cranes for sale available, and each can be used for a different purpose. Here are some of the most popular types of cranes:

crane for sale

  • Gantry crane: This is a large, heavy crane used for moving large objects. It is usually operated by a single person.

  • Jib crane: This is a smaller type of crane used for moving small objects. It has two arms that can swing independently from each other.

  • Pusher crane: This is a small, lightweight crane used for moving objects with minimal weight. It has one arm that pushes objects forward.

  • Tugboat crane: This is a tall and heavy crane used to move boats and ships. It has four arms that can rotate 360 degrees.

These are normally used in mining or construction industries. Auto-loading cranes can be found in many different industrial applications. This type of crane lifts loads into trucks through an extended arm or telescopic carriage, making it easier for drivers to get the job done.